Licensee Enquiries
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Those who are interested in joining AEON as a Licensee, please press here and submit your information to the Licensee Department.
Payment to Suppliers
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1. Early Payment Application Form
  Suppliers who wish to receive payment earlier than the scheduled payment date can complete the application form and return it to us for further discussions.
2. Payment Requisition Form for Purchase Order (slip type 32-1)
Please use Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
  Suppliers who wish to receive payment for purchase orders (slip type 32-1) placed by AEON must submit payment requisition form to AEON (not applicable to suppliers signing concessionaries agreement, consignment agreement or licensee agreement). Deadline for submission is the 8th day of each calendar month. Late submission will be resulted in delay payment.
3. Non Payment Investigation Form
* If our payment amount was less than the PO amount or if any particular PO was not paid, you could fill in the Non Payment Investigation Form and send it back to AEON for investigation.